Hello Captain,

Yes, you heard me right! You are the captain of your ship.

Whether you’re at the shores starting up or you’re already out in the sea,pivoting, scaling up,and transforming your businesses, You are exploring the seas called The Market.

Unfortunately, the results of venturing out and building new products and businesses are worse than the voyages from the yore. The failure rate of new products or new businesses range from as high as 40% all the way to 90% which is not encouraging.

For every Uber, there are hundreds of Sidecars that failed. And for every Google Adwords, there is more than one Google wave that failed(within the same company).

So, what’s going wrong?

Build it and they will come approach : You end up wasting millions of dollars in implementation and suffer from the ‘Solution-Pollution’ syndrome without ever validating the idea in a thorough fashion.

Getting your initial Product market ( PM) fit matters, but that alone does not indicate long term differentiation nor it guarantees success. Many companies that get the PM fit also struggle to chart the next exciting growth curve.

The VUCA ( Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world demands that our thought process be revolutionary instead of being evolutionary.

So, our research and working with companies of different sizes led us to the belief that Discovery led Innovation can help create better quality of companies and are long term value creators.

We’ve two things to offer to you :

First, we help you build products and services that cater to the real needs of the market through our revolutionary Product discovery & Ideation software so that you increase the chances of your product success and save precious execution dollars.

Next, you know that getting the right product out is half the battle won. Creating and winning a category needs you to expand your horizons by equipping you with those telescopic market lenses. So we will help you to discover, innovate, and capitalize on both close and distant opportunities through our Business model discovery software.

True to our name, we at TruNorth are driven by the mission to give you Captains a compass that can point to your true north.

So, don’t shy away from saying Hello to us, provide us with your email address and we promise you that we won’t be those pesky seagulls in the sea. No annoying forwards, or irrelevant information but specially curated content at your disposal.

The world needs you, for a long time.

Questions? Something else? Email us at hi@trunorth.ai