"Mckinsey equivalent for startups and growing business in a scalable software format."

"Innovation in a box meant for product owners and business builders"

"Unified platform to kick start your entrepreneur journey, Innovative and very effective enabler"

Trunorth extends your core teams vision by spotting new problems, new possibilities, new profitable opportunities, and new partnerships in addition to what you are building today.

Discovery sorted.

Discovery has been superficial. The result – High rate of product and business failure. Trunorth’s approach means you save significant execution dollars by spending a little on discovery.


Trunorth’s patent pending, AI driven discovery saves you time and money because it gets to the root cause of problems faster. You uncover customer pain points, risks, and opportunities hidden in structured and unstructured data.

Discovery sorted.

Our Offerings,

01. Product Discovery

we help you build products that cater to the real needs of the market through our Product discovery & Ideation software

Discovery Dollars are Infinitely cheaper than the development dollars. You increase the chances of your product success and save precious execution dollars .

02. Business Model Discovery

You know that getting the right product is half the battle won. We help you to expand your horizons through our Business Model discovery software

The difference between market takers and market leaders isn’t just Product Innovation, It’s business model innovation.

03. Sherpas

Think deep, Innovate fast and stay the course. That’s what it takes to be a company builder. Deep dive with trunorth Sherpas who are driven by the mission to give you Founders and core team a compass that can point to your true north.

Questions,you might have

Are you not building something that people want?

“With Kolos, we did a lot of things right, but it was useless because we ignored the single most important aspect every startup should focus on first: the right product.” source: CBInsights

Are you struggling to find a product-market fit?

The number one problem I’ve seen for startups, is they don’t actually have product/market fit, when they think they do.” Alex Schultz source a16z

Are you stuck after PM fit ?

Product/market fit doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Product/market fit isn’t a diploma you hang on your company’s wall. It’s a moving target that you constantly have to monitor. Take it from me — you can find it, only to watch it slip through your fingers. If you go long enough without changing the slope of your product to keep up with the market, they will just drift further and further away.”Source: firstround.com

Are you struggling to chart the next growth curve ?

You’re finally out of the startup phase and no longer have to worry about scarce resources or traction. The organization has achieved a measure of stability — the future looks bright, revenue is climbing, and the business model has gelled. You just reached a point where you have the talent, money and market influence to do something new while maintaining and growing the core business. The wind is at your back ! Source: The Arc of company life

Are you outcompeted? Does your business lack differentiation?

Children’s apparel delivery service Mac & Mia found itself in a tough spot competing with highly successful companies like Stitch Fix and shut down only a year after its 2018 launch source: CBInsights

The man and the team on a mission

The man, on mission.

Sridhar D P

Founder, TruNorth



As a thought leader and an expert, Sri has a reputation for helping companies of all sizes succeed. He has helped enterprises create a balanced Innovation Portfolio and drive transformational innovations with his unique philosophy of balancing “possibilities and performance.”


As an advisor, investor, and founder in many startups, scale-ups, and some shake-ups, his interventions have helped these companies save significant execution dollars by spending a little on discovery. With interests ranging from Agritech, Parentech, Fintech, and AI, Sri is Known as “The Merchant of Possibilities,


As a fractional leader for CXOs and a coach for founders, Sri is a go-to guy for professionals seeking to create an orbit shift in their businesses.

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“No, you don't get thick binders that you get from consulting firms instead Trunorth.ai Software gave us a Product roadmap, Business model differentiation, and the path to Category creation. Trunorth helped us to convert fragmented ideas into cutting edge & market ready product.”

Muralidhar Sarali

Muralidhar Sarali

We created a version of our product and saw that the product we created lacked differentiation. Our ideas seemed not deep or differentiated. We lacked the understanding of the problem and our roadmap lacked clarity. We leveraged Trunorth.ai to better understand our problem space, come up with ideas, explore their monetization.We also used techniques built into to validate our monetization capabilities, identified differentiation, and also identified IP related to the product.

Roy, GlanceHQ

Roy, GlanceHQ

It is a self-driving platform, allows you to carry out systematic thinking, building strategy and executable outcomes. It forces you to think outside your comfort zone, will help you to break your vision into multiple executable ideas. It is flexible, easy to use, great visuals and analytical capabilities.



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